Do It Yourself, A Great Home Hack, A Remote Cushion

Do It Yourself, A Great Home Hack, A Remote Cushion. Not remote in the sense of out of reach!

My daughter came across this idea on the great web and made one as a housewarming gift for one of her friends.

lou lous cuchion

We thought it looked great, so when another pair of jeans came along with nice stitching we thought we would do another one for The Great Home Hack Event.choosing jeans

This is what we did – a how to guide for you to have a go yourself. (I’m no expert when it comes to writing instructions so bear with me here)

Choose the jeans: cutting shape

You need the area around the back pockets or front pockets to be sound, and also an area of the leg (this is for the back of the cushion). Cut the jeans to a rectangle shape leaving a seam allowance of 1.5cm on all four sides.

cut front and back

Now I’m going to sound like my old sewing teacher – ‘with right sides together’, pin then sew three of the sides and most of the fourth side.  Leave a gap of about a hand span and a half to turn it through to the right side.

pin edgesTurn through the cushion and push out the corners.

ready for stuffing  turn through

Start stuffing.  We used the contents of an old cushion that we had previously laundered.  We pulled the polyester pad into loose wadding and shoved it through the hole, until we liked the feel of the cushion.

using a pillow  stuffed

We then slip stitched the cushion closed and inserted the remote control so we can find it easily.

We tried cushion with both the back of the jeans and the front of the jeans – what do you think?

back pockets   front pocketsHopefully the remotes will always be within reach, and you have a comfy cushion to boot.

Your own Great Home Hack


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